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I think that it was more likely a bug fix. It is not likely a GCR error as A5 converts to GCR 11010 01111 and A6 converts to 11010 10110.

I believe that my original is a very early copy. The disk and original manual look very different than the scan that is available on bombjack.org. E.g. there is no part number on the disk.

Disassembling my version with the A5 at C27B,
.C:c268 84 B7 STY $B7
.C:c26a 20 79 00 JSR $0079
.C:c26d F0 03 BEQ $C272
.C:c26f 20 0E E2 JSR $E20E
.C:c272 20 52 C4 JSR $C452
.C:c275 20 E6 E1 JSR $E1E6
.C:c278 A9 08 LDA #$08
.C:c27a A8 TAY
.C:c27b A5 BA LDA $BA
.C:c27d 20 BA FF JSR $FFBA
.C:c280 A5 B7 LDA $B7
.C:c282 A6 2D LDX $2D
.C:c284 A4 2E LDY $2E
.C:c286 20 BD FF JSR $FFBD
.C:c289 20 C0 FF JSR $FFC0
.C:c28c A5 90 LDA $90
.C:c28e F0 07 BEQ $C297
.C:c290 C9 40 CMP #$40
.C:c292 F0 03 BEQ $C297
.C:c294 4C 94 C5 JMP $C594
.C:c297 A2 08 LDX #$08
.C:c299 60 RTS

Changing C27B to an A6 it becomes,
.C:c27b A6 BA LDX $BA
which provides the third argument to the SETLFS routine.

I have not verified this by a detailed run time test yet, and it may be a little time before I do. In the little bit that I have used it, both back in the day and recently, I thought that the editor worked correctly as far as loading and saving files.

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