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Thanks Pete,

That proves that the fellow I bought my 1541 from, if memory serves at the end of 1983, wrote to his original. That is something I never did. I always kept originals pristine.

I compared the two versions that you posted. The only difference is that the (!) version has an A6 at track 17 sector 4 byte 84 and the (alt) version has an A5. This corresponds to block 3 of “editor64”. My original has an A5 and this block appears to be clean. I also looked at a copy that I had downloaded from the net for comparison purposes. This one was just a file copy with an added turbo loader. Block 3 of editor 64 also contains an A5 in that position. I haven’t tried to disassemble “editor64” yet.

I didn’t see any other differences in used blocks of yours compared to my repaired (using my backup) original other than the additional file.

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