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Date: Sat, Apr 09th, 2011 @ 23:00 ( . )

I have been taking a second look at my original of the Commodore Assembler Developer System. My original has a few be sectors. I have a good backup, but it was a file copy. It would be nice to have a clean image that preserves the exact sector layout of the files on the original.

I noticed on the original that there is a deleted file called “basictools”. I received the Assembler in used condition. The fellow that I bought my original 1541 from included it as part of the deal. I don’t know if the disk came this way from Commodore or if it was a file that he wrote to the original disk and later deleted.

Also, my original shows 536 blocks free. The deleted "basictools" file and two additional blocks are shown as used in the BAM.

If you have an image of the original for the Assembler, please take a look at it to see if it contains that deleted file. If it does, I would really appreciate it if you could post a hex dump of track 14 sectors 3 and 10.

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