'Track-to-track alignment'
Author:Lord Crass (guest: search)
Date: Fri, Apr 08th, 2011 @ 01:51 ( . )

Was looking at the DiskMaker Plus protection this evening and saw that it checks track alignment between track 20 and 21. It reads from track 20, then steps the head to 21 and reads the next header. This header needs to be from sector 7 or it will crash. The image I have loads track 13 in the emulator instead, and therefore doesn't work.

I was going to try cracking it since I've never seen a proper crack or parameter for this one, but thought of a different approach instead...

What if I just swapped sector 7 and sector 13 in the G64 image file?

It worked in Vice! (Note this title is NTSC-only). Sort of an ugly hack I suppose. A cleaner method would be to rotate the whole track ahead by 6 sectors so that you keep any expected sector skew that the fastloader might be taking advantage of.

BTW Pete, your disk database shows DiskMaker Toolkit as having no protection, but the SuperCard+ disk has a parameter specifically for this, and all the other DiskMaker programs are quite heavily protected so it seems unlikely there'd be no protection on that one. Perhaps someone ran the parameter on the copy you have in the database?

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