'V-Max secondary checks'
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sorry I should have made things a bit more clearer. My redump request wasn't meant to try and test if nibread could dump it better so that it would work on emulators, I just wanted to find out if it could be remastered with nibwrite with the right details so that it could be played on the real thing. Both Nibread and nibwrite have been optimized a bit since DOTC and the other v-max titles with the special tracks were dumped several years back. A good example of this is Sinbad and the throne of the falcon. Although there don't appear to be any special secondary checks in this game, previously the tracks were unable to be written back to the disk properly because they were sync-less.
After a redump with a more recent version of nibread last year, I was able to successfully remaster the game and get it up and running.

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