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I think that I have finally reproduced the exact original protection for Beyond the Black Hole from 1989. While there is a cracked copy available on GB64, I think that this one is worth preserving in its original form. This game is one of the first, stereoscopic 3-D (Pulfrich effect) games produced for home computers. It is possibly the only one released for the C64. At least, I am not aware of any others. To see the 3-D effect, take an old pair of sunglasses and pop the lens out of the left side to give one dark lens on the right.

When I emailed Pete this one for inclusion in the database, I had already scanned in side 1 as an NB2 figuring that might be more useful since the copy protection had not been figured out yet. I took that and extracted the track 16 speed 0 tail gap data. I am not 100% sure I did this correctly. I am not very experienced with raw GCR unlike some of you who can read it like it was poetry. It turns out that the magic bytes are 6A 7A B9 A6 7D. I pasted the extracted data on top of the existing tail gap data in the G64 and adjusted the track size bytes at the beginning of the track to account for the tail gap being one byte shorter. This is sufficient for it to work in both CCS64 and VICE.

It doesn’t make any difference for the emulators, but to fully reproduce how the original worked, I manually created a speed data table for track 16 with the tail gap bytes set to speed 0 and the rest of the bytes set to speed 3. I pasted this to the end of the g64 and set the speed zone offset for track 16 to point at this table.

I have attached the edited G64 file and an NB2 I scanned in containing just track 16. If you take a look at this and see anything that I did wrong or could suggest any improvements, please let me know.


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