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I shouldn't have used the term "encrypted" for the DOS track. It's just a non-standard GCR format that is 1/2 instead of Commodore's 4/5 ratio, but can be decoded in real time before the first byte of the next GCR pair is available at the drive head.

This is also an evolution of the custom DOS used in Datasoft's Conan. The GCR decoding routine is almost identical, as is the loading of the DOS from track 1 over top of $000-$400. Not surprising considering the same programmer of BOSS DOS was involved in the C64 port of Conan.

The loader for Alternate Reality: The City is somewhere in between. Same GCR format, loader that starts loading into drive ram at $00, but now it overloads into the running routine causing it to execute into an RTS where it proceeds to load the rest of the game.

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