'Software Toolworks protection--Black Hol'
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Date: Sun, Mar 20th, 2011 @ 12:17 ( . )

I have submitted a scan of Software Toolworks’ “Beyond the Black Hole” to the project made with version 4.93 of Nibtools. The copy protection for this one is a bit interesting. The database mentions that the program will not run in an emulator and will not remaster. Back in the day, this was one that I was never able to make a working backup with a nibbler.

The disk looks normal with no bad sectors or tracks and no extended tracks. I scanned in side one with half tracks, but from watching it try to run and from the results of the scan, I don’t think that it uses half tracks at all. It may be using something like sync timing. Side two, which contains the program levels, is not copy protected.

It actually does run in CCS64 (but not VICE 2.3), but only when started using Load and Run or drag and drop. Also CCS64 must be in PAL mode. It does not work if it is started using the C64 LOAD command. The PAL limitation is interesting, because the program is an NTSC version. When started normally, the Software Toolworks and Black Hole splash screens are corrupted in PAL, but are ok in NTSC prior to the program crashing due to the copy protection.

This is as far as I plan to take this. I have attached a copy of a NIB file for side 1. If any of the experts in this group would like to take a look at it, see how it works, see if it can be remastered or see if there is any way to make it more emulator friendly, I would be interested in seeing your feedback.


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