'Vorpal (later) analysis'
Author:Lord Crass (guest: search)
Date: Sun, Mar 20th, 2011 @ 01:41 ( . )

That's the "2-bit loader" that is used by nearly every fast loader around.

V-Max uses one too. It's not the fastest, but the v-max one is nice because it doesn't disable interrupts, so music can play while it's loading, screen doesn't blank, etc.

The interesting catch on it is that it transfers the bits out-of-order to the c64 and you have to fix them up with the computer side code (or like in V-Max's case, the data is stored already rearranged on the disk and the xfer actually puts it back the correct way, saving precious clock cycles).

Here's a good article on how the 2-bit fast loader works:


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