'Batteries Included dongle protection'
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I was surprised how complex the copy protection was for Paperclip64. The program is copyright 1982 and the specific date for Version 64D is March 29, 1984. I didn’t think that encryption was commonly used for several more years.

For the other dongle I have from them, The New Consultant, the dongle protection is much simpler. It is simply one bit being toggled on and off. I am still working on this one and will post the details when I am finished, but it will probably be a while till I finish the write up.

I have no idea what the mystery dongle could be. The Batteries Included dongles are grey plastic with no pass-through and are clearly labeled with the program name molded into the plastic. The version of OCP Advanced Art Studio that I have uses look up the word in the manual protection. The slanted exclamation point that is described sounds familiar (possibly part of a company logo), but I can’t place it.

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