'am I unlucky or am I pushing the compute'
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Hi there.
for about 5 months now I've been having terrible trouble with windows delayed write failure error messages. Actually the problems have been happening outside
windows too, IE, while restoring my backups using IFD.
I've replaced almost every component in my computer. the cdrom drive, both hard drives, the memory, the fans, the power supply, all thats left to replace
is the video card, the soundcard and, Heaven forbid, the motherboard.
in May of this year, the boot drive gave me a s.m.a.r.t warning that it was about to die on me, so I had it replaced.
Then a couple of Months later I started to get windows delayed write failure error messages, and spinrite said that something was wrong with the hard drive
as well.
My computer guy thought the errors indicated that something else was wrong, so we replaced other hardware components (see above).
at the end of August we replaced the boot drive again and everything seemed to be humming along nicely. But then last week I started getting delayed write
failure errors again.
and no, I do not have my pc overclocked, and just a couple weeks ago I installed windows xpsp3 as some know-it-all suggested it would fix the issue and
refused to listen to my arguments about IFD and Spinrite which both operate outside of windows.
and Just yesterday, I got an error while restoring my backup (unable to write to device)
Could open-cbm and nibtools be pushing the computer too hard? is this why I've had to replace the hard drive twice or am I just unlucky?

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