'ZoomFloppy to be demoed at ECCC 2010'
Author:Nate (guest: search)
Date: Thu, Sep 16th, 2010 @ 14:21 ( . )

Jim Brain and I will be demoing the ZoomFloppy, a new device for accessing Commodore floppy drives from a PC via USB. The firmware, known as xum1541, has been available since fall 2009 for those who want to build their own board, but the ZoomFloppy is the first device that will be a complete product offered for sale.

The ZoomFloppy has a number of features beyond simple disk access, which is implemented in OpenCBM. It can also nibble protected disks using a parallel cable and nibtools. It is software-upgradeable and some very interesting but secret features are planned for the future.

I am bringing a laptop with nibtools and a 1541 with a parallel port installed. It has a batch file that automates the process of nibbling. Attendees can just plug in a USB stick and hit a key to get an image of their floppy.

So bring your rare floppies to be backed up. All images will also be sent to C64Preservation.com for archival unless you request otherwise.


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