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I have looked at the database to compare what is in there for Infocom titles compared to what I have of C64/C128 originals. While all of the C64 games in the database list version numbers, none of the C128 only games do. I do know that for at least some of the C128 games, multiple versions were released. In my collection, I have originals for Beyond Zork v47, Bureaucracy v116 and an old copy of Trinity v11. On the web, I have found AMFV v77, Bureaucracy v86 and Trinity v12.

The database entry for the Infocom Sampler also does not list the version number. Several versions of this may also have been released for the C64. In my collection, I have an original for v24.

For the C64 games, I have Infocom originals for Ballyhoo v97, Enchanter v16, Hitchhiker v56, Infidel v22, LGoP v59 and Spellbreaker v63. I have original Commodore labeled versions for Deadline v26, Starcross v17, Suspended v7 and Zork III v15. I don’t know if there is any difference between the same version of the games when sold under the Infocom vs. Commodore labels. I know that all of the Commodore versions had the blue interpreter.

Since none of the titles in canonical Infocom games are copy protected, my preference for my own preservation purposes is D64 files. Pretty much everything that can be done has already been done for the Infocom titles somewhere out there on the web. I don’t plan to rescan these as NIBs unless requested for specific titles.

If there are specific titles, in particular the ones that say verified sets: 0, that you would like either my D64 files or scanned as NIBs, please let me know.

For my one collection, I am looking for originals for LGoP v4, Sherlock v21, Stationfall v107, Wishbringer v23 and Zork I v52. In addition to the C64 versions listed, I have original copies of Lost Treasures 1 Amiga and Lost Treasures 2 PC CD. I have working copies of the game files for all of these versions. What I am interested in is the original C64/C128 interpreters. If anyone knows where these can be found, please let me know.

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