'1571-formatted disks?'
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Date: Wed, Jul 28th, 2010 @ 19:32 ( . )

I have two 1571 formatted copy protected disks, Sketch Pad 128 from Free Spirit Software and CADPAK 128 Mouse Version from Abacus. I don't care much about CADPAK 128 because I also have an original non copy protected version. I believe that Abacus sent it when I mailed in the registration card, probably for a small fee.

For Sketch Pad, if I image each side separately, and the bit order for side two is reversed, is it possible to convert it into a g64 format image that might work in WinVICE? I believe that the copy protection may be on side two because there is a bad sector on track 55. D71 images between the original and the backup copy that I had made back in the day are identical.

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