'Early, early EA protection'
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Date: Mon, Jun 07th, 2010 @ 13:27 ( . )

I remember trying to copy some of the early EA programs with some programs out of a book titled Inside Commodore DOS by Immers and Neufeld (it's on the bombjack.com website under Commodore Books).

I've attached the C-64 disk image with a program called Protected Backup (in BASIC). I remember using it to copy Hardhat Mack and One on One. It didn't always work, but if you tried enough, it would make a working copy.

Did the early, early EA games have a different protection? To crack them, all you had to do was go into the loader and insert a BRK at the JMP command after the loader was finished. The file was then an ML file with the basic line 10 SYS 2063 (or something like that).

My friend (who did the actual work after my suggestion to try it) doesn't remember this, and my memory is starting to slip a bit, so I'm looking for confirmation that someone remembers earlier EA with some sort of "weak" protection.


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