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I know this seems to be a pretty old thread. But I was digging around in the G64 and the game, compared it to the cracked version(s), and noticed/considered a few things.

1) It appears that only every other track has sync marks. During loading, I'm thinking it's possible that it searches for sync on the one track then quickly skips over to the nonstandard sync track (relative syncing)

2) I am thinking about shifting the track data a bit just as an experiment. It appears that the track data starts after FF 55 and the sync length varies a little but is always at least those two bytes (and can be extended another 14 bits from what I can observe) but it is definitely nonstandard. Something makes me wonder if this skew is actually right on the edge of "barely passing" protection since successfully loading it in VICE seems to be random.

I'll dig into this more and see what I can find.

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