'Alternate Reality: The Dungeon'
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Date: Mon, Apr 27th, 2009 @ 14:09 ( . )

Hi Chad,

I have an email address but I don't want to put it where everyone can see it. I can't help you much either..

I hand-crafted an image I thought should work, but it still doesn't want to make a character disk. The disk ID trickery that was talked about gets it to the screen where it is asking for a blank disk, but then it just dies with a black screen when you press space. I could instruct you to replicate what I did, but since it still doesn't work I'm not sure you want to bother.

I even tried the formatter on a real c64 and real floppies, but it works the same then. I'm now thinking its probably not possible with the information available. Perhaps you can find an original somewhere?

Sorry I could be of no help.

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