'Alternate Reality: The Dungeon'
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Date: Wed, Apr 22nd, 2009 @ 19:11 ( . )

Thanks Pete for all your help. I really appreciate everything you have done and I will try posting over there and see if I do get a response.

I do like collecting "stuff" whether software or otherwise. I figure part of the fun of collecting is not getting everything you want right away but the searching, social networking, chatting and learning new things is all part of it too!

I seen your name pop in google more than once on a few different sites while searching. I think one had a handle of r.cade. It had your location and age and I thought well we are about the same age from the great golden era of the 80's. Hair bands, heavy metal and leg warmers to name a few. What I was doing was I kept trying to figure out what t18s0 meant. I came to the discovery/conclusion that it's Track 18 Sector 0! I think anyway...ok...I'll keep an eye out and thank you again!!! :)

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4/22/2009 @ 23:05--Pete Rittwage

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