'Alternate Reality: The Dungeon'
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Hey Pete, thank you for the information!! You make a good point and have me thinking. I don't know why exactly since you're right it does fully work with the save disk you created.

I think it's more of a nostalgia thing or just the satisfaction of collecting a fully working copies of games I played of past yesteryears.

Back in the day we would gather at my neighbors place (he was the only one with C64) and we would play games all night which brings back fond memories.

I have collected almost all the games we used to play (Defender of the Crown, California Games, Elite, Gemstone Healer (not 100%), Hacker, Karateka, Labyrinth, Legacy of the Ancient, Phantasie series, Questron series, Racing Destruction Set, Seven Cities of Gold, Summer, Winter and World Games, The Pawn, The Last Ninja, Pirates and of course a working copy of Alternate Reality: The City that I found a long time ago on Gamebase's 'Rare Games Corner' which doesn't have links any longer but the page is still there with descriptions) and they work fully in emulators except this one.

Anyway I guess that's why I was looking but maybe it shouldn't matter to much. I guess I don't have a good--good reason for trying!!! :)

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