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Hey Rixa, wow, well...I haven't had much luck with trying to copy/move files. What I have tried was formatting a blank G64 disk I created in VICE. CCS64 creates one called G41? Next I used the AR Formatter and formatted the disk. Then I started "testing" different programs. Not all of them are copy programs and some are nibblers and stuff but I loaded them and messed around a bit just to look. :) I tried:

Fast Hack'em (again)
One Minute Copy
Copy 64 (Single Dual 1541/1571 and Fastcopy)
Online Super Copier
Turbo Nibbler 4.0
Maverick 5.04
Nurse 1.0

The nibbler/copy programs definitely copy it and it runs the game fine except it hangs on a black screen when creating a character disk.

The copy programs only copy files with data in them. Any zero byte file they seem to skip. I think the zero byte files are more descriptions on the disk and not data?

Speaking of zero byte files! I noticed on the original disks two files are zero bytes. "ALTER. REALITY" and "THE DUNGEON/UCF". I think the file sizes are on the left hand side? After copying them over to a blank disk the file size shows "ALTER. REALITY" as 1 (byte?) and "THE DUNGEON/UCF" is 68. Every attempt to copy/move the files caused the new copy to crash almost immediately.

SO with that I did a bit more searching and I found a program called mnib for moving games from the original disks to images. I was reading the readme and it said:

"Currently, I estimate mnib's 'success rate' on successfully copying copy protected games into working G64 images at about 70%."


"The following table gives an overview over protection schemes and mnib's chances on copying them:"


Copy Protection Used by
--------------- -------
00 Bytes Datasoft, EA, Rainbow Arts

It turns out Alternate Reality is a Datasoft game with 00 Byte protection possibly? I think just trying to move the files requires more knowledge than I have to pull it off. Honestly it's not due to sloth! :) I will try more things if they are possible but I don't have the original disks nor a real Commodore 64 (I didn't quite want to learn THAT much about the C64 inner workings :). I have been sitting on the UCF copy for several years and still have hope of finding a fully working one, if it's possible! :)

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