'Alternate Reality: The Dungeon'
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On 04/21/2009 @ 10:31, Chad wrote :
: I definitely tried the AR Formatter which works to format any of the disk image formats (D64 and G64).

Be sure to use it to format a G64. It should format the disks in a certain manner for the game to work, but D64 cannot contain the important bits of this information. (The image will still be formatted, but not in a way that will help you)

: Then if I run Fask Hack'em it looks like it duplicates the disk and makes an exact copy which runs exactly the same

Fast Hack'em is copying the disk in too much detail, resulting in the undoing of the important formatting and an exact copy of the unworking disk. Try a simpler disk copier, something that isn't a "nibbler". I can't help you more, as I don't know this title. Your enthusiasm for it got me interested though, so I'll probably have a look at it myself the coming days. :)

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