'Alternate Reality: The Dungeon'
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Date: Tue, Apr 21st, 2009 @ 00:26 ( . )

If your only issue is that it doesn't recognize a character disk other than the one Pete made for you, it's not 'broken', it's working the way it was supposed to. I guess it could be cracked to work differently, but that would certainly need advanced skills.

A .d64 is just a dump of all the data on a standard system disk. On a real disk there is information on a lever lower than that, having to do with how the data is arranged on the disk. This information does not exist in a .d64 image and the game is expecting to see specific bits in there, so the character disk can't work from a .d64. A .g64 is a more detailed image capable of containing what it looks for.

I pointed out that depending on how the game checks the disk, it could be possible to modify two bytes from the character disk and have a thus-modified .d64 work. But if you don't have an actual problem running your character disk from a .g64, that's not going to be worth doing. I was only thinking about it because .g64 images are currently readonly on a 1541 Ultimate, a hardware disk drive emulator for a c64.

Converting from a .d64 to a .g64 will not make the correct bits appear from nothing. It will make something appear in their place, but the emulator is already doing the same in runtime with a .d64 and it won't work any better. Anyways, modifying the game to check for the character disk differently would of course need something more than image format conversion.

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