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Wow, Pete I have been looking for a way to save the game since CCS64 3.0 Beta 1. It's been several years, thank you so much!!!

I come from the side of playing the games and I don't understand the technical side at all so I didn't quite understand what you wrote.

I did find that A.R. Formatter on disk 1 and I formatted a disk and noticed that little block in the Disk ID was missing from the UCF version.

What I tried next was using 'D64 Editor' and I changed that one character on the d64 version (it took a long time to find the block with trial and error on the keyboard that was the lower right hand corner).

What that allowed me to do was actually get to the screen that said insert a blank disk. Before changing that one character it would keep asking for Disk 1/Side 1.

What I tried next was using Fast Hack'em I found on a Wiki site to copy the disk after using the A.R. Formatter but it would duplicate it and remove that block. Also the game would crash and not run with any copy I created.

Lastly I tried using 'DirMaster' to move files after formatting a new disk but it always crashes too.

Is it possible to make a good copy of the game with the d64 image? I read some of the posts and what you do is way beyond my scope of understanding. Is there a program to move the image to a .g41 disk to make a fully running game? I would be forever grateful. Well I am forever grateful just having a save disk is just amazing! Thank you!!! :)


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