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Date: Mon, Apr 13th, 2009 @ 18:59 ( . )

Hi, I was wondering if you can tell me if a "good" copy of Alternate Reality: The Dungeon exists? I have several copies with slight variations but none of them allow you to create a character disk.

If you load the game and goto the Utilities Menu to create a new character disk it just hangs and does nothing after you insert a new blank disk. I tried d64 and g41 disks but nothing seems to work.

I was wondering two things is the game legal to distribute and if so is it possible to get a copy? I found this text in an Alternate Reality FAQ written by Robert Hagenström. "Philip Price, the copyright holder of the Alternate Reality series has granted free distribution of all versions of the original two AR games." If that's not possible is there any way to get at least a blank character disk?

The game is playable in many emulators but you can't save the game due to a lack of a character disk and/or the ability to create one. I have looked on all the websites I could find and posted on several forums but no one has a working copy of a character disk for the Commodore 64, not even on the dedicated Alternate Reality sites.

I would love to be able to play the game and save it. The UCF version is playable from beginning to end but only in emulators with freeze states. The problem is the emulator (CCS64) changes freeze states as it updates the program to make the emulation more accurate so every few updates it's no longer compatible and you have to start the game from the beginning if you want to use the current version of the emulators.

I didn't see anything that said I couldn't post this type of question but if it violates forums discussion rules I am sorry. I was hoping you might have a copy since I seen you had one verified copy in your database. Thank you for any help and have a great evening.


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