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RapidLok2 patches

Patches are still necessary for playing RapidLok2 titles with the Vice emulator - and on the real machine if you don't have a drive speed control for remastering. Choose which protection checks you want to have disabled: Type 5: Disable all protection checks (default) for testing remastered disks: Type 4: Disable the track alignment checks Type 3: Disable the track 19 track header integrity checks Type 2: Disable the track 36 handlers and the key checks Type 1: Disable the key checks The type 1-4 patches are independent and can be combined with each other. All patches/fixes here apply to both PAL and NTSC versions of RapidLok2. You will have to apply them to all protected disks and/or protected disk sides, of course. Remember to enable "True drive emulation" in Vice emulator.