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Welcome to this RapidLok2 notes. RapidLok is a copy protection for diskette games on the Commodore C64 back in the 1980s and early 1990s. There exist several versions of RapidLok, counted from v1 to v7. You will find here a list of known RapidLok2 protected software titles and how to get the protected G64 images working in Vice emulator and how to remaster a 1541 disk with fully intact protection. The included patches remove either the whole or only specific parts of the RapidLok2 protection. Choose the full patches for Vice gameplay. If it turns out that a remastered disk does not work you can choose specific patches to test out if it works when these specific integrity checks are disabled. These integrity checks are the track alignment, the track 19 track header integrity check, the whole track 36 handler including the key checks, and the key checks. Keep in mind that "True drive emulation" must be enabled in Vice when dealing with RapidLok protected G64 files. Greetings BanGuiBob